Big Government Conservatives

Why is it so damn hard for Democrats to tar Republicans as big government conservatives out to tell you how to live your lives?


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Andrew Breitbart

The best thing to do is send condolences and prayers to his family. Breitbart was a loathsome human being, but he was someone’s son, husband and father.

RIP, Andrew.

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The Battle for Michigan

It feels like there’s a lot riding on tonight’s results in Michigan, but I couldn’t be more fatigued/bored with the whole thing.

Operation Hilarity has made this semi-interesting, but other than that…meh. The GOP has moved the “wow, I can’t believe he just said that!” bar further and further right with each passing week and now I’m just done being outraged at their insanity. I can’t imagine how regular journalists will continue to find this compelling through November. You must really love politics if, after the over-saturation of this race by February 28, you’re still hanging on and caring about each and every primary.

God bless you.

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Oh Yes, A Thousand Times Yes!

From Talking Points Memo:

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) could be in a serious fight in the upcoming recall election, according to the new survey from Public Policy Polling (D), with Walker in some tight races against his potential Democratic opponents.

Walker starts out in trouble on a key number: His approval rating is 47%, to disapproval of 52%.

Recalls in Wisconsin do not feature any direct up-or-down vote on the incumbent, but instead effectively take the form of a special election with the incumbent and a challenger fighting it out to serve the rest of the term.

But for the most part in this poll, the Dem candidates themselves perform almost identically — as in, Walker himself is the issue for now, with his support in each match-up hovering around the same 47% approval figure.

“These are the most encouraging numbers we’ve found for Democrats in Wisconsin related to the Walker recall since last August,” writes PPP president Dean Debnam. “Walker’s numbers had been seeing some recovery, but now it appears they’ve turned back in the wrong direction. The big question now is whether Democrats can find a candidate to take advantage of Walker’s vulnerability.”

Sending this Koch-sucker back home would put a smile on my face.

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Look out! It’s Preacher Obama and he’s at the pulpit!

“You want to talk about values?” he asked. “Hard work — that’s a value. Looking out for one another — that’s a value. The idea that we’re all in it together — that I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper — that is a value.”

He continued: “But they’re still talking about you as if you’re some greedy special interest that needs to be beaten. Since when are hardworking men and women special interests? Since when is the idea that we look out for each other a bad thing?”

I don’t get the warm and fuzzies for any politician of any stripes (well, except for Alan Grayson, but that’s because he’s basically Stephen Colbert and pulls no punches) but this is what people need to hear. Effective rhetoric changes the dynamic.

I have no doubt that if Obama went out and said this five times a day for the next eight months, our attitudes would change dramatically.

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“Morning” Joe Scarborough received his very own POLITICO blog on Feb. 13.

In that time, he’s made six entries.

In the first week he contributed five (very dumb) entries, and since then just two.

What was the point of this?

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“Big Labor” Republican?

Gingrich talkin’ crazy:

“The fact is, I think there are profound reasons that Rick lost the Senate race by the largest margin in Pennsylvania history in 2006, and I think it’s very hard for him to carry that all the way to the general,” he said.

He also suggested that Santorum would have trouble in the South because of his record as a “big labor Republican.”

Cokie’s Law says since I put that last post out there complimenting Gingrich for being sane on Afghanistan, I have to leave it because it’s out there, but umm…Rick Santorum? Big Labor Republican?

Yeah, not buying.


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