Red Rover, Red Rover, Throw Grover Right Over

I watched the Grover Norquist piece on “The Daily Show” a couple nights ago, and suffice to say, I am thoroughly terrified of him.

Maybe it’s the creepy beard or the pitch of his voice sounding similar to that toe-sucker

Dick Morris’, but he is a very dangerous person to the health of our country.

Norquist said that he came up with his tax pledge when he was in seventh grade. I’m not sure what the typical 12-year-old is doing these days, but pondering effective tax rates is probably not near the top of the list. Geez, when I was 12 I was excited about boobs. You know, like most normal 12-year-old boys.

Norquist, though, is seeped in a Randian world where the lucky duckies have been mooching off Mitt Romney’s tit for way too long. I suppose this is what happens when you grow up living a privileged life in Massachusetts, taught that you’re only as good as the money you have.

I think when discussing Norquist it’s important to remember that he’s not an actual “producer.” Norquist is a powerful Washington lobbyist, which means his money comes from producing propaganda. Where in Ayn Rand’s world does Norquist fit in? He has an MBA, but he’s never run a business that makes something. Maybe I’m the only one who sees the hilarity in this, but when he’s out there stumping to get grandma off Medicare, why do some of these intrepid reporters not bother asking “hey, what exactly are you doing for America?”

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