George W. Bush: Also a Snob

Rick Santorum, the sweater-vest loving, Catholic busybody, really demonstrated his disdain for people who go to college when he attacked President Obama. We all know the comment — Obama is a “snob” — but guess what, Ricky?

George W. Bush was a snob, too.

Why, just look at what President Bush was proposing for all those future snobs who wanted to drink Bud Light and have wild and crazy dorm-room sex:

$1.5B for state merit scholarships to college

$5,000 Grants for poor students in math & sciences

$25B over 10 years for reading, Pell Grants, & charters

$275M for pre-paid college tuition tax credits

Increase the size of Pell grants

Now, this isn’t to say that Bush went far enough, but he was actively rooting for American children to go to college. Even the worst president of our lifetimes understood how important a college education was.

And Rick Santorum? He just thinks you’re a snob.

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