Big Scoops By the Daily Caller!

Wow, Tucker Carlson’s journalism-for-eighth graders website has revealed a big enormous scoop about Media Matters, the liberal watchdog group that embarrasses conservatives on a daily basis:

In an interview and a 2010 planning memo shared with POLITICO, [MMFA founder David] Brock listed the fronts on which Media Matters — which he said is operating on a $10 million-plus annual budget — is working to chip away at Fox and its parent company, News Corp. They include its bread-and-butter distribution of embarrassing clips and attempts to rebut Fox points, as well as a series of under-the-radar tactics.


Hey, Tucker Carlson, duh? Who could be so stupid…oh wait, Erick Erickson? You wanted to say something?

It is humorous to read Byers demanding examples from Carlson when he should be able to just pull up his own blog at Politico to find them. But the most laughable line of Dylan Byers’ denial/non-denial is this line:

“In publishing those quotes without providing evidence, the Daily Caller has put accusations on the public record regardless of whether or not they carry any weight.”

This is the Politico. Surely they have heard of Herman Cain.

Of course, if Erick, Son of Erickson had his thinking cap on he would’ve realized that the two are not similar. Oh sure, they’re similar in the same way that Saturn is similar to Mars, in that they are both floating orbs spinning around in the same solar system.

Whereas POLITICO actually saw documentation of Cain’s alleged diddling which resulted in separation packages of five figures, the Daily Caller has nothing but a bunch of so-called staffers.

It’s no surprise that Carlson’s vanity project which made baldfaced lies about the EPA, then created arguments to defend it, is going after Media Matters. I’m puzzled by their “blockbuster” that Greg Sargent, a left-wing blogger who doesn’t hide his bias, repeats Media Matters. This faux outrage is sure to tickle conservatives pink over this non-news, but everyone else will go about their day remembering Carlson as a bow-tied doofus who bitch slapped by Jon Stewart.

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