Some Guy Exalts Sarah Palin

Some guy named Mark Whittington who contributes rote commentary for Yahoo!’s Contributor page wrote the sort of saccharine fan fiction about Sarah Palin usually reserved for the editorial page of the Washington Times.

Palin has proven herself the most powerful female politician in the world. Angela Merkel runs a country and has a little influence in Europe. Hillary Clinton’s name used to be on the lips of people in the same sentence as “president of the United States.” But no one else can speak and shake the corridors of power to the foundation as can Palin

Sarah Palin gave a speech at CPAC this weekend. Nobody noticed. I certainly didn’t feel the corridors of power shake from Palin’s garbled up nonsense of conservative buzzwords.

Between writing paeans of Palin’s greatness, Mr. Whittington also writes TV reviews of “House”, “Justified” and “Archer.” Whittington essentially combines the awesomeness of TV Guide with National Review.

I’m just disappointed he didn’t include anything about starbursts.

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