CPAC: When Stars Go Supernova

I know CPAC has to find time to get their A-listers time on the floor, your Ken Cucinellis, your white nationalists and whatnot, but isn’t it telling that Herman Cain and Rick Perry, who briefly held the hearts of conservatives everywhere were relegated to Day One status?

The Olsen twins used to be megastars (albeit teen megastars), now they are showing up to ribbon cuttings at Quizno’s and giving support to JC Penney. Now, JC Penney is a fine establishment for the 99 percenters among us who can turn a $100 suit into something awesome, but is this where they thought they would be 12 years ago?

Cain and Perry are asking themselves the same questions: how the hell did we wind up as the opening act?! I was selling out Madison Square Garden! I was something special! 

Rob Thomas feels your pain, fellas.


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