CPAC: The Miseducation of Michele Bachmann

Like Lauryn Hill before her, crazy person Michele Bachmann learned a lot from her unsuccessful and hilarious run for president:

Former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann reminisced about her six month presidential campaign run on Thursday at Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual conservative conference known as CPAC. She said running for president entails a “series of humiliations.”

Bachmann told the ballroom full of conservative activists in Washington that it was an “educational” experience, too.

After making fun of herself, Bachmann launched into some gibberish about Israel and Iran. But she closed out in style by reminding everyone we are indeed a Judeo-Christian country, no matter what that Kenyan says:

“Before Obama was elected, no one has ever heard a U.S. president say to the world that the United States is not a Judeo-Christian nation,” Bachmann said. “I am here to say we are.”

She said, “We have to stand and fight for our beliefs… We owe it to our God to keep our republic free.”

Remember, this was once a leading contender for the Republican nomination. St. Ronnie is probably looking up from above and wincing at the amount of stupid he created.

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