CPAC: Romney Shows Off the Conservative Goods

Mitt is taking off the gloves. At his CPAC speech today, Romney tried to whore himself out to the unenthused masses of sweaty conservatives by saying NO MOAR MR. NICE GUY! But will any of these big money hustlers want to take Mitt to the ball?

Mitt Romney is so eager to become the conservative choice in the GOP presidential race that he used the word conservative or conservatives 25 times in his 26-minute Friday speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Striking social conservative themes that have been largely absent from his daily stump speeches that have focused on the economy, Romney defended his tenure as Massachusetts governor and argued that his lack of Washington experience makes him the best conservative choice.

Sure, sure. “Washington outsider.” Normally I don’t give credence to the outlandish claims Newt Gingrich makes, but he’s right when he said the only reason Romney is a “Washington outsider” is because he couldn’t beat Ted Kennedy in 1994. Does anyone really think this opportunistic Republican robot would not have made a run for president in 2000 or maybe even 2004 if he won in ’94?

Romney should continue beating that “Washington outsider” drum.

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