CPAC: Rick Perry: “Put me in coach!”

Texas laughingstock Rick Perry riffed on Clint Eastwood’s “Halftime” commercial in a CPAC speech today. It was as bad as you could imagine:

“If it’s halftime, America, I’m fearful of what the final score’s going to be if we let this president start the second half” as quarterback, Perry said in his address to CPAC in Washington, his first major appearance since bowing out of the presidential race.

Let’s put this in football terms: Rick Perry is the second-string quarterback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. And not only did he fail in his NFL tryout, but he got embarrassed and Americans will remember him as a goofball who gave weird pregame speeches and trounced by a bunch of other second-string quarterbacks in preseason play.

So yeah, why start Tom Brady when you can start Anthony Calvillo’s backup?

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