How Missouri Wastes Tax Dollars

By spending $7 million on non-binding primaries:

State and local officials expected significantly higher turnout for Tuesday’s primary than actually showed up.

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, Missouri’s top election official, predicted 23 percent of registered voters would turn out to vote in Missouri’s largely symbolic contest.

But on Tuesday, less than eight percent of registered voters showed up at the polls.

Incredible. It is ri-goddamn-diculous that $7 million was spent on what Mitt Romney even referred to as a “beauty pageant.”

Missouri Republicans, due to a disconnect from Missouri law and national party rules, have opted to select their presidential delegates with caucuses on March 17. (The last time Missouri selected a presidential nominee with a caucus, in 1996, turnout was estimated to be 20,000.)

Since this is the fault of Missouri Republicans, I believe they owe the state $7 million.

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