Stop Taking Jumpers, Blake Griffin

I’m watching Clips-Nuggets and Blake Griffin is firing off jumpers. This is not what I tuned into the game for.


Oh man, he just laid in a dunk and was obstructed all at once! When Griffin was in college, I was sure that he’d eventuallyget killed in the pros because the only way to stop him was to either crowbar his knees or punch him in the dick, and he’d eventually break down.

Griffin is kind of, sort of like the football version of Tebow. Tebow lacks skills like throwing a spiral, hitting intermediate passes, reading coverage, etc., but he’s a freaking beast when running the football.

Griffin can do a lot of things well, but it’s his strength that takes him to the next level. That, and his first step is just so explosive. There are few centers in the NBA who can handle him.

Honestly, I don’t know why white people don’t go as crazy for Griffin as they do for Tebow. Maybe Griffin needs to start reciting more Bible verses.

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