Newsbuster Gets a Butthurt

So the buffoons at the “Newsbusters” got some butthurt on Wednesday because former National Review writer Jonathan Martin, now of POLITICO infamy, called Floridians living in Floridian counties “crackers.” This is an acceptable term for native Floridians, though “Newsbusters” has a sad because it’s racist and stuff.

It’s not surprising that the morons at Brent Bozell’s Funhouse would equate a white guy correctly calling these areas “cracker counties” to racism. Racism is a belief that different traits in another race are inferior. A white guy calling other white people “crackers” is not racism.

Also too it’s funny that Bozell’s troopers got butthurt over this considering that their commander equated President Obama to a skinny ghetto crackhead.


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