Working the Refs

I just saw a terribly officiated game in Austin tonight (Mizzou wins! Yay for blowing 10-point leads with three minutes to play but winning anyway!) and I don’t think it would be this way if Frank Haith took the Gingrich approach: work the refs.

Newt is back on the trail and now he’s complaining that reporters shouldn’t be moderators when he debates Obama this fall because they’ll be sticking up for Obama. Or something.

Two things wrong with that.

1. Gingrich won’t be debating Obama. He’s not going to be the “nominy.”

2. This is ridiculous and asinine.

But like I’ve said before, it will work. This is just another part of the upcoming Newt surge. He’s going to get trucked in Florida tomorrow, but after working the refs, complaining about the “liberal media” and going back to being the ruthless son of a bitch he is, he’ll be riding high entering the fake Super Tuesday.

It all starts with the lunatic ranting against the “liberal media” though. I’ve talked to de facto Romney supporters who empathize with Newt when he makes an ass out of himself in front of John King. They don’t give a shit about governing and this cannot be repeated enough. Newt just knows that’s an old, reliable trick to lean on the “liberal media” and reap the benefits from the rest of the conservative dipshits who think Sean Hannity is comparable to anything on the left.

As we’ve seen, though, this does not work with non-Republican voters. Most people don’t want to see Gingrich act like a dick to moderators. Most Americans do not see the “liberal media” as an evil doer. Sure, we mostly agree that they don’t do their jobs very well, but that’s nothing new for any American profession. Whereas Gingrich and his merry band of neo-Confederate jackasses promote the “liberal media” as akin to Al Qaeda, the rest of us simply don’t.

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