Americans Are Merely Collateral Damage

I had a fascinating meeting with Bob Inglis the other day. Bob Inglis was an extremely conservative Republican congressman from South Carolina. He was a three-term-pledge guy in the nineties…. So he came to me and he said, “I just want you to know, when you got elected, I hated you. And I asked to be on the Judiciary Committee in 1993, because a bunch of us had already made up our minds that no matter what you did or didn’t do, we were going to find some way to impeach you. We hated you. You had no right to be president.”

That’s from a new Esquire interview Charlie Pierce did with President Clinton. It really encapsulates what the conservative movement is all about: being an unapologetic dick. I know I should be kind of surprised that a Republican just flatly admitted they were going to go for Clinton’s balls, but somehow, I’m not. It’s just a reminder of how dangerous these people are. They are sore losers. Clinton was an alleged philanderer and did a brilliant job at feeling empathy for people. No matter how much shit they threw at him, it failed to stick.

Just as we saw in the 1990s with Clinton, we’re seeing it today with President Obama. They refuse to accept the legitimacy of any Democratic president. They purposely sabotage the economy and the livelihoods of their fellow Americans because of politics. If something they supported in the past is co-opted by a Democrat, they are against it because that would be giving credibility to their enemy. American citizens? Just some collateral damage.

Republicans are a savage, brutish entity and they do not give one rat’s ass how they take you down. Remember, this is the party which unofficially has Rush Limbaugh as its spokesperson. Limbaugh mocked the 13-year-old daughter of the president on live television. People should have smartened up then that these ruthless bastards will use any measure they can find, seize any advantage they can, and bring about destruction even if it means self-immolation.

And remember, that came from Rep. Inglis, who is not by any means some compassionate conservative. He may have been booted out of Congress for not being sufficiently neo-Confederate, but make no mistake, that guy bleeds conservative red. In 2008 he said that Mitt Romney can’t call himself a Christian.

It’s further proof that this lot in Congress –– this unholy, insipid congregation of bigots, looters, chickenhawks –– they will burn the house down. Tax increases on the rich? Hell, they’ll just impeach the president and make sure that we see even more gridlock, which in turn will hurt the economy and continue our free fall into a dystopian future where we walk around with gas masks to not inhale the rich CO2 air.

Collateral damage. That’s all you are to them.

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