Joe Namath: Winner?

Here’s an odd excerpt from today’s NYT on Joe Namath, who is the subject of a new 90-minute documentary from HBO.

But his green eyes still glimmer, and his smile is a reminder of when the Jets were winners and you didn’t need a personal seat license to guarantee a season ticket with a good view.

Maybe I read this too literally, but the Jets had four winning seasons with Broadway under center. They went 8-5-1, 11-3, and 10-4 from 1967-1969, then proceeded to suck through 1976. It’s bad sportswriting like this that got Namath into the Hall of Fame.

Namath threw 173 touchdown passes to 220 interceptions. From 1970-1973, he started five, three, 13 and five games. That’s a four-season stretch of starting 26 of 56 games. And the dopey NFL writers put him the Hall of Fame.

This is what bugs me about numerous things: 1) the deification of Joe freaking Namath 2) putting someone into the Hall of Fame because of one memorable Super Bowl 3) sports writers and 4) the Hall of Fame.

Now Richard Sandomir of the New York Times takes us back to a time when the Jets were winners. You know, all three of those times.

Joe Namath is to football what Ronnie Reagan is to politics.

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