Things More Popular Than Newt Gingrich

Loved more than AIDS

Newt Gingrich is a spectacularly douchey ex-Speaker of the House best known for going through wives like the white Sean Kemp and trying to get Bill Clinton impeached for diddling. While Newt doesn’t have the baggage the Reign Man had (nor the alimony or child support), he still has serious problems with everyone who has a problem with kids working the factory lines.

So, all 75 percent of us. Hardcore Republicans make up just one-fourth of the population but we take their meandering seriously for whatever reason.

Here are a list of things more popular than this puffy-faced, wife-cheating pompous fascist blowhard:



*Skin cancer

*Larry the Cable Guy

*Mark Sanchez

*Bill Belichick

*Season 19 of “The Simpsons”

*Big Bang Theory (the show)

*Big Bang Theory (the actual event)

*Charlie Sheen


*Prostitutes who sleep with Charlie Sheen



So there you have it: Newt Gingrich is not as popular as the worst show on television. I think that about sums it up.

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